Welcome to the "European Workplace Tutor"


Teaching, training and tutoring at the workplace. 

VET personnel plays a central role in assuring the quality of vocational training. The shift towards lifelong learning and the re-definition of the role of in-company trainers from instructors to coaches / facilitators has meant that trainers find themselves challenged by new trends, needs and expectations.

In order to ensure that training personnel can respond to these challenges and promote the quality of vocational training in Europe, it is essential that they are provided with in-depth and high-quality training.

The European Workplace Tutor is a qualification profile and training programme which aims at equipping in-company trainers with the competences they need to plan, deliver and evaluate training, to guide learning processes at the workplace, to assess individual and organisational training requirements and respond to them. The programme also places great value on the social, intercultural and methodic competences that are necessary to respond to the challenges of in-company training.




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